Terms of Use

1 General

The holiday home you rent is not the property of Service Wohnen WHV GmbH. This is rented for subletting itself. Service Wohnen WHV GmbH is entitled to handle the legal transactions related to the rental.

2. Registrations / bookings

With your booking confirmation, you are bindingly showing Service Wohnen WHV GmbH to conclude a rental contract for the intended accommodation. Your booking can be made verbally (in person or by phone) or in writing (letter, fax, email, internet). The rental contract is only concluded with the booking confirmation by Service Wohnen WHV GmbH and the receipt of the down payment to be made on our account within the set period. If the down payment is not received within the set period, Service Wohnen WHV GmbH reserves the right to sublet it in the meantime. If you do not receive our email booking confirmation within 48 hours of your registration, please contact us immediately. Holiday rental contracts by telephone also require a written booking confirmation by email. This does not apply if the period between booking and arrival no longer makes sense due to time constraints. In this case, the telephone contract is also binding for both parties.

3. Tourist tax / other taxes

If a holiday tax or other tax is to be paid by the (holiday) guests at the location of the rented holiday home according to local regulations, this is not included in the rental price and must be paid separately by you on site.

4. Pets

Pets may only be brought along after expressly giving your consent (booking confirmation).

5. Payment

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, 20% of the total rental price. The remaining rent must be received in the account of Service Wohnen WHV GmbH no later than three days.

6. Complaints

Complaints must be sent to Service Wohnen WHV GmbH immediately. If, in the event of a justified complaint, we are unable to rectify the problem within a reasonable period of time, you can assert claims against the owner for non-contractual fulfillment of the rental contract. This must be done in writing, addressed to Service Wohnen WHV GmbH. After this period, claims can only be asserted if you have been prevented from meeting the deadline through no fault of your own. A period of 1 year is agreed for the limitation of all claims due to the landlord not fulfilling the rental contract. This period begins on the day of the contractually agreed rental end.

7. Cancellation

You can withdraw from the vacation rental contract at any time before the start of the rental. In this case, the following cancellation fees apply:

7.0 Bookings made through a booking portal apply to the cancellation rules of the respective booking portal.

7.1 Cancellation fees for direct bookings: For each cancellation there is a one-time processing fee of 20% of the booking amount. In addition there are: If you cancel within 4 weeks before arrival: 50% of the total rent If you cancel within 15 days before arrival: 75% of the total rent If you cancel within 7 days before arrival: 90% of the total rent

7.2 Written form Cancellation, rebooking and changes must always be made in writing in the mutual interest. Incidentally, changes to the booking are only effective and binding if confirmed in writing by Service Wohnen WHV GmbH.

8. Cancellation of the travel contract

If the fulfillment of the rental contract as a result of force majeure (natural disasters, war, internal unrest) is made directly and specifically significantly more difficult, endangered, impaired or impossible, we and the lessor are released from the respective contractual obligation. In this case you are not entitled to compensation or other claims.

9. Data transfer

The tenant agrees to the storage of personal data for the purpose of implementing the rental agreement. If you do not agree, a written objection must be given to us. If there is a written objection, Service Wohnen WHV GmbH reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship.

10. Construction noise / construction site

Should it unexpectedly arise that there will be impairments caused by construction sites or construction noise during or within the immediate vicinity of the accommodation, the tenant will be informed immediately. Service Wohnen WHV GmbH is obliged to prevent disruptions for the tenant as far as possible. 

11. General obligations

The tenant is obliged to adhere to the house rules applicable in the respective accommodation. The house rules are usually posted or can be viewed in our office at Preußenstraße 48D, 26388 Wilhelmhaven. Sustainable culpable violation of the house rules entitles Service Wohnen WHV GmbH to extraordinarily terminate the rental contract and to issue an immediate reference from the accommodation. In this case, the tenant is not entitled to claims for reimbursement of the rent, damages or other payments.

12. Release and usage agreement

The final cleaning is carried out exclusively by employees or cleaning companies commissioned by Service Wohnen WHV GmbH. If the rental property has cleaning deficits, this must be reported immediately upon arrival. A later complaint cannot be considered. It is expected that the tenant leaves the apartment swept clean at the end of the rental and leaves the kitchen (especially dishes, cutlery, pots, stove, refrigerator) and the bathroom tidy. The tenant has to treat the rental property with care and is obliged to immediately report any defects or damage to Service Wohnen WHV GmbH during the rental period. The tenant is liable for any damage.

13. Security deposit

Service Wohnen WHV GmbH is entitled to request a security deposit (deposit) of up to € 500.00 from the tenant. The deposit must be transferred in advance or paid in cash or by credit card upon arrival at the office and will be paid back no later than seven days after departure, provided that the tenant is not responsible for any damage to the rental property or other claims by Arne Zingel GmbH or the representative Owner. In the event of such damage or if there are claims, Service Wohnen WHV GmbH is entitled to offset the deposit. The repayment of the deposit at the end of the rental period is generally not a waiver of claims for damages on the part of the owner or Service Wohnen WHV GmbH, provided that damage to the rental property that is subsequently the responsibility of the tenant turns out.

14. Printing errors

Obvious typing and / or printing errors in this contract or the general terms and conditions do not oblige the contractual partners. In this respect, only the booking confirmation from Service Wohnen WHV GmbH is binding